Lawsuit Seeks Naked Truth: Is Club for Nudists or Swingers?


One of the signs in a photo that Holmes shared with the website Jezebel, which first reported the story, shows a graphic image of a stick figure that encourages club members not to pleasure themselves in the pool: "Please masturbate in showers."

Luckily, said Holmes, "I really haven't seen that many kids around. But it's not as safe a place as I had hoped."

MaHeSo belongs to the American Association for Nude Recreation, which serves 213, 000 nudists in 260 clubs throughout North America. AANR's website says that it encourages "wholesome nude family recreation."

Executive Director Jim Smock would not comment on the case because litigation was pending. But another AANR employee who answered the call from said that public sex is "frowned upon -- that is the standard."

"Whatever you do in the privacy of your camper or tent or motor home or villa, that's fine, but not out in public," said the woman.

According to the FAQ section of the organization's website, "nudist camps are far less sexually charged than places where bikinis, thongs, or other provocative clothing, are worn."

Holmes said her club was "family friendly" until just the last year.

"I would go skinny dipping in the pool and walk the trails," she said. "The cabin looks out on a pretty creek and I like to go hiking. But people are power hungry and they are trying to turn this into a sex club."

Holmes bought the 46-year extended lease on her cabin in 2010 for $10,000 and pays yearly fees of $400. She said she invested $10,000 more to repair a leaking roof and other improvements.

The dispute began last year when Holmes sent a Dec. 28 email to the board, informing them that she would be selling the remaining years on her lease, "this or next year to another member in good standing," according to court documents.

But on Jan. 10, Holmes received a letter from the board requesting a meeting about her complaints. They alleged that she had warned visitors to the club about swinger complaints and had invited those who were also concerned to discuss the matter in her cabin.

Holmes replied in another email to the board on Jan. 11, telling them she could not attend the proposed meeting because of a funeral and asking to "please discuss my exit strategy. … I thought the board has more pressing matters than quizzing a departing member."

In the letter, which is part of the court record, she outlined all of her concerns about public sexual activity, including being "assaulted by a drunk member right at the clubhouse over a swinger discussion."

"Visitors here should be free to 'swing' with whomever they wish, I suppose, discreetly," Holmes wrote. "What is the board view on this?'

Court documents show that Feb. 20, the board again wrote Holmes: "Please be advised the board of directors do not intend to prevent you from leaving the club, to the contrary, the BOD fully supports your request to leave the club and will not be renewing your membership for 2013."

The board wished her "the best in the future."

Holmes insisted she paid her dues, due April 1, in March, which the board returned "registered, certified, goodbye."

She said she wanted to leave the club, but had no intention of dropping her membership until her cabin lease was sold.

"Otherwise, why would I have paid my dues?" said Holmes.

Today, Holmes is in a standoff with the MaHeSo board, which has changed the entrance code at the club's gate. For the last 32 days, she has been sneaking through the woods to her cabin and hoisting herself -- naked -- through its window.

"I've got bruises on my inner thighs," said Holmes. "I am not as young and yoga-fit as I used to be and I am sneaking in and out for cat food."

The board acknowledges in court papers that they have called the police several times to stop Holmes from trespassing. But Holmes said she refuses to cooperate until the court case is settled.

"The cops should be chasing robbers and drug dealers, not me," she said, insisting the lawsuit against MaHeSo is not about money. "They are trying to steal my cabin from me. Make me an offer."

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