Living With OCD: The Lifelong Battle for Control Over the Disorder

I found this to be one of the greatest therapies for me. It helped me understand that I didn’t have to live in silence and hide my struggles. I decided to share my story with others and the world in an attempt to decrease the stigma associated with mental illness and OCD. This catapulted me into my current career, it helped me see first-hand that this is my passion and find a way to turn my battle into a way to help and impact others living with this illness and other illnesses. I have recently graduated with my Ph.D. in social work and will continue to make it my life’s mission to keep doing the work that I do until all with OCD can receive the treatment they deserve and until the stigma associated with mental illness no longer exists. Remember that you don’t have to suffer in silence, it can get better and both help and support are available.

For more information about OCD:

Visit the International OCD Foundation's website here. Find an OCD support group here.

Visit Elizabeth's nonprofit foundation here and her free self-help website for OCD here.

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