Man in Utah Cave Faced Tough Odds, Doctors Say

In other words, our body is designed to prevent blood from pooling at our feet when we stand up, but it isn't designed to prevent blood from pooling in our head if we are turned upside down.

"Therefore you could get brain swelling and brain hemorrhages," said Cohn.

That pooling of blood can cause a variety of problems before a brain hemorrhage. Wright explained the heart may not be able to get enough blood to the kidneys, causing kidney failure and death.

The pooling blood in the brain may also cause someone to go unconscious, or even go into a coma.

"Deep brain swelling can lead to coma," said Cohn. "If the brain centers that control your heart and your circulation and your breathing are damaged, then of course you lose your ability to breath and your circulation may fail."

Wright said she just hoped Jones was unconscious for much of the ordeal.

Officials will continue efforts to retrieve Jones' body today. In light of the tragedy, the Utah County Sheriff Jim Tracy has decided to close the cave until further notice.

"Sheriff Jim Tracy is declaring the cave a public hazard and restricting all public use of the cave," said Cannon. "There will be uniformed deputies there to enforce that for the next couple of days."

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