Married Cancer Research Couple Both Get Breast Cancer


Oliver assured his family that the radiation he and Irene received in their labs while researching is no worse than one gets from an X-ray machine at the airport. Daniel says he believes the entire situation is nothing more than very bad luck.

Oliver's cancer is Stage 2, just as Irene's was. The family remains overwhelmingly optimistic that Oliver will reach the same cancer-free stage that Irene has. Until then, the two are benefiting from a mutual understanding of what Oliver is going through.

"I think all cancer patients have an internal dialogue," says Irene. "They are having an internal conversation with themselves about the hope, fears and their future and I think only a cancer patient would know more about that and what that means to have that going on in your head all the time."

Oliver agrees, "One of the things that's nice is that she understands where I'm at -- that support has been great. You begin to think about the fact that you won't make it 'til 80 years old and it changes how you tackle life. It's hard to convey that unless you've gone through that yourself."

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