Mobile Free Clinic Brings Health Care to US's Most Underserved Areas


Over the course of three days in Wise, RAM helped 1,200 dental patients, pulled 4,000 teeth, grinded lenses for 900 pairs of glasses and in total provided more than $2 million dollars worth of health care. All free of charge.

"It doesn't matter where you go in the United States you are going to find huge numbers of people that either dont have access to care because it's an underserved area or in most cases they can't afford to go to the dentist, they can't afford to go to the eye doctor," Brock said. "So they are going to be relying on the kinds of services we provide."

Teresa Gardner's local free clinic, The Health Wagon, will be doing follow up care for months. "We don't want to diagnose something and then leave them there hanging. We want to be sure we get them the follow up that they need," she said.

And she has already picked out the dates for RAM to come to Wise next year. "We will start planning for next year from today."

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