Mom of Newborn Twins Fights Rare Placenta Cancer


"It's a highly curable malignancy, but the danger to the patient is just from being on ECMO," said Landsberg. "The sooner we get her off it, the better."

Landsberg woke Jenna Hinman up briefly so her husband could reassure her about the babies.

"He pushed back the sedation for 30 seconds and had me to talk to her to make sure Jenna was still there," said Brandon Hinman. "She nodded slightly. So yeah, I believe she was there."

Now, he is "very hopeful" his wife will be off ECMO by week's end.

"She's probably the most kind-hearted person I ever met," Hinman said of his wife. "She would go out of her way for anyone, give them the shirt off her back."

The couple had difficulty getting pregnant because of his multiple deployments to Europe and Afghanistan. "We never had a solid amount of time together," he said.

But just before another deployment, they got the good news. "I got to stay back," he said. "It was amazing."

Jenna Hinman's uncle, John Warter, has raised more than $60,000 in GoFundMe campaign, which notes that ECMO treatment is costing an estimated $100,000 a day. The military insurance TriCare will pay for all the medical expenses, but the funds raised will help offset travel and food expenses, as well has help support the family's needs once they are home.

Two of Jenna Hinman's close friends created a Facebook page, Prayers for Jenna, which provides updates on her condition. The page now has more than 26,000 likes and features thousands of messages of support from people from across the country.

Contributions will go to “the incalculable costs that face this beautiful young family in the hard months and years ahead.”

"He is an amazing young man," Landsberg said of Brandon Hinman. "The dignity with which he conducts himself -- the whole family -- it's so compelling."

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