Parents of Christina-Taylor Green, 9, Urge Others to Consider Organ Donation


"I am so sorry she is gone -- this is sad, violent and terrible," said Roxanna Green. "But we can learn from this and change."

The Greens are urging people to think ahead and prepare for a tragic moment when they might have to make the same decision.

"Learn from this," she said. "Do it now. Maybe you hadn't quite put it on your driver's license, but I am urging people to just do it now. Tell your loved ones you want to do it. Think in advance. A lot of people don't think about it until something really bad happens."

Roxanna Green said there "are no words" for the pain that she feels for the violent death of her daughter. "I can't describe it. It's a horrendous thing for anyone to have to go through at any age. It's especially hard to lose a child in such a horrible way."

But, she said, the family is working hard to move forward. "We are people of faith and we want to remain strong and try to get back with life and do what we are supposed to do."

Their son Dallas returned to elementary school today and his mother said, "He is doing better."

"His is doing well, considering," she said. "This is the first day he went back to school and we asked him over and over again, 'Are you really sure?' He wants to go back to school. He is a strong, strong person."

And she said the family has drawn strength from the outpouring of sympathy from so many other Americans.

'I have my faith, my family and friends and the nation has been amazing," said Roxanna Green. "I am so blessed and thankful for all the well wishes and want something good to come out of this. Be aware that this can happen to anybody at any time in any neighborhood, no matter how safe and cautious you are. But through all the sadness and bad things, in the organ donation process, there is happiness."

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