'My Collection Obsession': One Man's Collector Is Another's Hoarder


"So much goes into making them," she said. "Their hair is rooted one at a time. They are weighted to feel as babies. They are definitely works of art and I appreciate them so much. The more realistic they are, the more I love them."

Mansfield treats her dolls like her own children, spending three hours each day, washing them, dressing them and even taking them to the park.

"In fact, when she gets a new doll, it's like she's actually pregnant," said her husband Zoth. "What will it be, where will I put her?"

Her favorite is Anna Nicole, a 43-inch doll that is the size of a 5-year-old that she bought for more than $1,000 in Texas. She has about 20 of these realistic "reborn," which are handmade.

"She's only a little shorter than my son who just turned 7," Mansfield said. "She has long brown human hair and she has open-eyed little glass eyes that are made beautifully."

She even took her to the store and spent $70 on a pair of shoes after taking her to the playground.

"People come over and say how cute she is and how old is she," Mansfield said. "When I tell them it's a doll, they either don't believe me or they get totally freaked out."

Mansfield said she couldn't estimate what she has spent -- "definitely in the thousands," she said. "I buy them clothes and carriages."

She also collects dolls with horns and fangs, or Krypt Kiddies that she buys on the Internet. It was those dolls that started her obsession in the first place a decade ago when she attended a horror show.

"They are demonic-looking baby dolls that are custom made," she said. "I also have some horror movie and Living Dead Dolls -- 10-inch creepy dolls in coffins."

"I love them all," Mansfield said. "I like them creepy. Most people think the normal dolls are creepier than the scary ones because they are so life-like."

Her youngest daughter likes the dolls, but her son is unimpressed. Her husband, on the other hand, is totally supportive and said it gives him more free time.

"Whenever she is with the dolls, she's not bothering me," he said.

For Mansfield, the dolls are just another part of her maternal nature.

"When you see a doll, your instinct is to hold it like a baby," she said. "I watch TV and hold one. It's very soothing and calming."

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