Paralyzed Bride, 4 Years Later, To Start Family


“She has come a long way and got a lot more independent and is always positive,” she said. “She really is fine – I just help her with a few things.”

Writing a book could have been a challenge, because she has use of her arms, but not her hands. But her mother says Rachelle used her “pinky knuckle” on her iPad.

“She hits the keys wicked fast and flies on that thing – she really goes to town on it,” said Carol Friedman. “It saved her life.”

Her daughter, sharing stories with others who have faced paralysis on AMA Reddit, is encouraging: “I just tried to keep a sense of humor. To be honest I pushed my sadness down and away. Sometimes I faked being happy but I really think I kind of tricked myself into getting through that dark first year. I started sports like quad rugby ASAP and that was the best decision ever. I just stayed busy I guess."

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