Parents Should Tell Kids Picture-Perfect Celebs Aren't Real, Psychologists Say


With young children, parents can steer conversations about physical appearance to what children like about themselves and the positive physical attributes they see in others. As children get older, Landis said parents should talk to their kids about the images they see on television, on the Internet and even in the mall.

"Parents can talk to their kids about what marketing is and what advertisers do to make people want to buy their products," she said. "It's good to show children what Photoshopping is and what it does to these images, so they understand that that's not what people actually look like."

In 2006, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended teaching media literacy to children and teens, noting that some studies have estimated that children see more than 3,000 advertisements each day on television, the Internet, billboards and magazines.

Rosenberg said slapping warning labels on retouched photos might seem like a tempting solution, but ultimately, a conversation with a parent can be more effective.

"It would be better for parents to tell children, just like monsters or ghosts or Harry Potter, these images are not real," Rosenberg said.

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