Thankfulness Linked to Positive Changes in Brain and Body


"Gratitude helps us counteract the negativity bias by focusing our attention on the 'good stuff,'" Jain said. "A little focus can go a long way to improving one's psychological, social, and physical health."

If it's tough to get out of a negative-thinking rut, Wasden suggested keeping a journal of things, big or small, for which you are grateful. Write letters of gratitude and meditate on positive emotions.

"One of the most well-known practices uncovered from this research is known as the Three Blessings exercise," said Jain. "Each night before going to bed you write down three good things (ordinary or extraordinary) that happened to you during the day. Studies reveal those who continue this exercise for one week straight can increase their happiness and decrease depressive symptoms for up to a six-month period."

Thank you for reading. Now, go express gratefulness to that special person, place or thing in your life. Write it down or yodel it from the rooftops. Hey, it's for the good of your health.

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