Adults in Their 80s Report Sleeping Better, Says Study


Implications for All Age Groups

There are a number of messages Grandner said people of all age groups can take away from this research.

"Younger adults should know that they are in the age group that is most likely to experience sleep problems, so they may need to work extra hard to find time for quality sleep. Those in middle age, especially women, should expect an uptick in problem nights, but possibly rest assured that this uptick will fade in time," he said.

Older adults should know that increasing age does not mean increasing fatigue, and should be on the alert if they start to become excessively sleepy.

"They may not sleep like babies, but being older does not mean people can't get good quality sleep and have a good quality of life," said Nolan.

Malow said, "If you're sleepy when you're older, rather than attribute it to their age, I think it should trigger an evaluation for a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea."

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