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"Hormone therapy stops the growth of tumors, without the risk of surgical side effects such as impotence or incontinence," says Robert Leibowitz, M.D., the study author. Side effects of the controversial treatment include weight gain, lack of energy, and temporary loss of libido.

Tough Break

One wrong move during a game of pickup football or on a flight of stairs is all it takes to break your collarbone.

The injury accounts for about 15 percent of all bone breaks — and until recently, the only method of treatment doctors had was putting your arm in a sling.

Now, a new procedure not only allows broken collarbones to heal more quickly, but also ensures that they heal correctly — reducing risk of back pain and disability.

"By inserting a screw through a slit in the shoulder and into the broken pieces of bone, we can hold fractures together until they heal properly," says Carl Basamania, M.D., the Duke University surgeon who developed the technique.

A Vine Idea

When it comes to grapes, the sum is apparently greater than the parts, according to John D. Folts, Ph.D., a University of Wisconsin heart specialist.

"We compared grape-seed extract and grape-skin extract, and neither supplement appeared to provide any protection against the causes of heart disease," he says.

The bottom line: Drinking two glasses of red wine or purple grape juice a day is better for your heart than taking a grape supplement.

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