Astrologer Susan Miller

Is there romance in your future? A job change? A financial windfall? What lies in store for you as autumn approaches?

Astrologer Susan Miller joined a live chat on on Wednesday, August 30. Miller, who has over 25 years of experience as an astrologer, is the creator of the highly successful Astrology Zone®. She has appeared on ABC’s 20/20 and The View, and is the author of Planets and Possibilities, scheduled for release in February 2001. Look below for a transcript of the chat.

Moderator at 4:06pm ET

Welcome Susan Miller! Thanks for joining us.

Susan Miller at 4:06pm ET

Hi, I'm so happy to be here!

Moderator at 4:07pm ET

Let's start with this questions from Annemarie:

Annemarie from at 4:07pm ET

Hi, my name is Annemarie, I am an Aries born 3/25/69. Will there ever be the marriage and children in my future? I have had a tough two/three years of life lessons and feel that I should be moving on to more positive things. Thanks so much!

Susan Miller at 4:08pm ET

As of July 1st, thing started to turn around for Aries. Up until then, you had no help from either Jupiter or Saturn. Now you do. In effect, a whole new year started for you on July 1st. You have every reason to be hopeful that things will work out.

In order to find love, it would be best for you to travel short distances now and then — such as to a mountain or seaside resort. Good luck. Please keep checking my column as I will give all Aries the very best days for romance each month.

lisa from at 4:11pm ET

What's up with Leo/Virgo rising? The past two years have been VERY difficult with my boyfriend. I made a decision to move on last week. What's in my future concerning relationships?

Susan Miller at 4:12pm ET

Lisa, your difficulties were caused by the eclipses in Leo. But as of July 31st, those are finished, and you will not be feeling any of the effects of the eclipses for a long time. You had many unexpected developments come up that were probably unnerving.

Now, a much more steady future is in store. You have every reason to be optimistic!

Jack at 4:14pm ET

Hello, My name is Jack And I was born on 1/8/73. I am a Capricorn. Lately my mom and my roommate have had dreams about me dying. Can you tell me what this means?

Susan Miller at 4:16pm ET

Dear Jack, Capricorn, dreams are symbols, not reality. It sounds to me that both your roommate and your mom care about you very much and can't imagine being without you! My aunt always used to assure me that those kinds of dreams are actually good, not bad. It is funny that you should ask this question, as Capricorn is the sign that is said to be very interested in death and the cycles of life. Jack, the best news of all is that your sign has more people living over 100 than any other. I wrote that in my book, and Warner Books currently has that book on press. You see, I am not just saying this to cheer you up — it's true!

Tammy K. at 4:16pm ET

Hi Susan. I am a Libra, born 10/13/59 2:20 p.m. California time. I feel a bit in limbo right now, both personally and professionally. Do you see any major changes? Thank you.

Susan Miller at 4:18pm ET

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