New York Doctors Frustrated Over Malpractice Insurance Hike

Goldstein said he doesn't think that insurance underwriters for medical malpractice are benefiting heavily from the increases, but that their cost for providing malpractice coverage is increasing as well.

"The system is broken, and nobody seems to want to take the true initiative to fix it," said Goldstein.

But according to its governor, New York State is going to try with its new commission, which will report on the malpractice issue by the end of the year.

David Neustadt, a representative for Dinallo, said the committee had not yet determined what direction it would take in evaluating the problem. "It's not helpful for me to speculate on what solution they will eventually develop," he said.

For Goldstein, that solution is critical.

Among the detriments of malpractice lawsuits, he points to a decrease in the number of physicians in the United States, as some doctors have to close up their practices and potential doctors will choose career paths elsewhere.

"Some of your best and brightest don't want to be doctors anymore," Goldstein said.

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