Kay Warren: 'Let's Live for the Ideals'

To those who say her point of view is naive, Warren's response is that "the naive thing is to say that people cannot control their sexual desires, that people cannot control their bodies. That's naive. The fact is, all of us can control our bodies a lot more than we think we can. Sometimes it becomes a matter of not wanting to. And if you're not going to, then at least protect yourself with correct, consistent condom use. That's not my first choice. My first choice is to particularly be faithful. Be faithful in your relationships with your husband and your wife. "

Warren says her book is a "before and after" story.

"When I catalogue what my life was like before I picked up that magazine article almost five years ago, and the way it is now, there's almost nothing that's the same. I have the same husband. I have the same kids. All of those things are still in place. Where I spend my money, where I spend my time, what I think about, what I do, all of those things are completely different."

Her message for her readers is that they should "say yes to God."

"It is the scariest, the riskiest, the most dangerous thing that anybody can ever do. We say yes to the God who made the universe. He's this powerful, almighty God. But he's a God who is good; he's a God who can be trusted. So when you say yes to him, he takes you places you never thought you would go. Not just externally, but there's a journey that happens on the inside, that is transforming. I want that for everybody. "

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