'I Just Want My Husband Back'

After Tim went to pack, Wandzilak cautioned the room that he faced a long road to recovery. And she heard something that's become common for her these days — thanks.

"Honestly, Kristina, you taught me a lot," said Tim's friend Tom. "You are just so powerful in your emotions, and just the way you communicate to people."

"I think it was the most wonderful statement I've ever heard," said Lorie, Tim's mother-in-law. "This has been an amazing time, I think, for all of us. It's something that I hoped would happen for a long time."

Tim's friend Pete, who hired Wandzilak, and helped convince Tim's other friends and family to participate, thought the family intervention was much better than a confrontational approach.

"The surprise method, you surprise him and you carry him away, and he's in treatment without any say in it," said Pete. "And I think this is incredibly powerful. I think we were all reluctant. I think, at first, we were questioning the method because we didn't know how effective it would be. But having gone through it for the first time, it's incredibly powerful."

Wandzilak said it is painful for her to go through this with families.

"It's cathartic, and it reminds me, it helps me solidify my decision of sobriety," she said. "It reminds me, continually, that I caused my family, my mother, my brothers and sisters [pain], and it helps me stay solid and solidified in my decision and my recovery. I feel so grateful. I feel so grateful for my life, for my recovery and the opportunity to help people. I just, if I had to live through what I lived through for this, then I guess it makes it all worthwhile."

Wandzilak was optimistic that Tim would make it. After all, she's been through it, she's earned it.

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