XXXchurch Founder: Porn Is 'Fantasy, Not Reality'

Alexander blamed the naivete of girls who don't realize old pictures might come back to haunt them. "It's their own fault," she said. "I have no sympathy for any of these girls. You make a choice in your life. And when you're 18, you're considered an adult."

"You know, with these pictures all over the Internet, when I decided to do boy-girl, I [knew I would] have to live with it for the rest of my life. I want to have a family, I wanna have children someday, and I know this is gonna come up. And I thought, if this is what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna be the best I possibly can and try to be a good person so that people can see that we're not that bad of a people."

Students Debate Porn

When the debate was opened to the floor, students fought to participate.

"What do your parents feel about your professional career?" one student asked Alexander.

"What do you think about amateur pornography that's being uploaded by consenting adults?" another asked Jeremy.

One student asked Pauling about "this regret that you felt, and I just want to know why it took you nine years."

Other questions and answers will be shown tonight on "Nightline." The debate ended civilly and the participants swore they would continue their tradition of going out to eat afterward — Jeremy foots the bill.

"Great show!" exclaimed one student. Asked who won, another named Deanna said, "I don't know! I think they both did well. I don't know how I feel anymore."

Other students were surprised by the arguments of the porn ministers. "I thought it was very interesting. It really changed my perspective on this whole industry," said one student, who said he was shocked by the "harsh realities behind pornography."

Others, like Diego, didn't have their opinions changed. "It's great to have open discussion, to get people thinking to begin with. Because I feel it's become such a mainstream phenomenon that it's to the point where people do it, and they don't think of repercussions."

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