Scientists Say Breakthrough Urine Test for HGH Developed

"The company presented its early findings and provided preliminary results on the potential application for HGH detection," Donze said in an e-mail. "WADA encouraged the company to continue its work and emphasized that there is a robust process to be followed from research to the full implementation of a test for anti-doping purpose … WADA must ensure that all detection methods it approves and implements can withstand any scientific and legal challenge."

Ceres soon will start conducting human trials, Dunlap says.

"If this proves to be a reliable test, this would be tremendously helpful," says Drug Free Sport President Frank Uryasz, whose company runs the NCAA's drug testing program.

Former senator George Mitchell, who led the investigation into baseball's steroid era, told Congress in January, "Many players have shifted to human growth hormone, which is not detectable in any currently available urine test."

MLB spokesman Rich Levin said in an e-mail that MLB could move to include a urine HGH test as soon as one is scientifically validated.

Greg Bouris, spokesman for the Major League Baseball Players Association, said the union had no comment.

The NFL and its players union would have to collectively bargain the use of such a test.

"We are always open to reviewing any test but have yet to see a test that is available on a commercial basis," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said. NFL Players Association officials could not be reached for comment.

Catlin has been trying to develop an HGH urine test most recently at his independent Anti-Doping Research lab in Los Angeles. He has received funding from MLB and the NFL for the effort.

Contributing: Mel Antonen, Jim Corbett

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