Surgeon Charged With Fraud for Faking Operations

"My clients will feel some satisfaction to see he is being held criminally responsible for something," she said after attending the hearing.

However, McGee said that the criminal charges do nothing to compensate alleged victims for the injuries they sustained due to Panos' actions.

"The criminal charges filed today only address the economic loss sustained by the government and the private insurance carriers. They do not in any way address the pain and suffering Dr. Panos caused hundreds of his patients… These plaintiffs have been suffering for years, and for many, they will continue to suffer for the rest of their lives because of what he did."

JT Wisell, Mcgee's legal partner, noted that Panos still has a license to practice medicine in Virginia. While he is legally obligated to keep the Virginia state medical board up to date about the legal consequences in New York, Wisell said it could take some time before any action was taken and there is no federal mandate that stops Panos from practicing medicine in other states.

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