Surviving a Filthy Childhood: Jessie Sholl, Daughter of Hoarder, Comes Clean


It was also an opportunity to release the shame she felt growing up. Sholl soon realized she wasn't alone when she discovered, a website where people who grew up in constant clutter try to make sense of their parents' illness.

"I noticed how much shame we all had about our parents' hoarding, and it's not us doing the hoarding, yet we are carrying the shame," she said.

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Dr. Chabaud said those feelings are common in children of hoarders.

"It's not just shame, it's a feeling that, 'I carry the burden of what happened in my house,'" she said.

Sholl says she and her mother now have a closer relationship because she no longer tries to clean up her mother's hoard.

"Now our relationship is much better, because it's not me trying to fix her," she said.

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