Hospital Charges $9.2 Million to Dead Patient's Estate


Hospital Charges $9.2 Million in Unpaid Charges

Sager said it's time for people to think about the type of care. Because resources are finite and pathology is "remorseless," people must decide whether low-value and high-cost care should be provided to patients.

"Every family makes those kinds of decisions every year in their own family budgets," said Sager. "The challenge is to empower skilled clinicians to spend our money as carefully as possible, to do as much good as possible, and for those clinicians to weigh the evidence about what works and what's good for the patient, not their own financial well-being.

"I think that the aim of health care might be something like … confidence that every American will get needed, competent, and timely care without having to worry about the bill when we are sick, and without having to ever worry about losing our insurance coverage," said Sager. "That's what we can get for $2.7 trillion a year."

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