An End to Infant Crying at the Doctor's Office?


Studies are underway that investigate the 5 S's in treating baby colic, preventing postpartum depression, and as part of an intervention to reduce childhood obesity.

Not all doctors are convinced that there is anything special about the 5 S's approach.

"What the study shows is that soothing your baby is more effective than giving sugar," says Dr. Ari Brown, Texas-based pediatrician and author of Baby 411. "I don't think it makes the case that Dr. Karp's method itself is superior to other simple maneuvers that parents can be taught that have been commonly used for years and part of the '5 S's'."

Brown adds that there are other methods which, if studied rigorously, might also show a benefit.

Still, the new study could lend additional weight to the 5 S's system -- particularly for parents and other caregivers who regularly deal with crying infants.

Littlebear, for one, says she will give it a shot.

"I would have done that if I had known that technique," she says. "That actually sounds awesome. I am going to share that with a few new mommy friends."

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