Tot Overcomes Brain Delay to Wear Tiara on Pageant Stage


Premature Babies Can Have Learning Disabilities

Still, Brown recommends that the Youngs keep a watchful eye on Ava for learning disabilities. Early intervention therapies are also important for those children who are born prematurely.

"Sometimes we do see more subtle things and they can be important over time," she said. "She might not be totally out of the woods.... But I have seen kids who had kind of a rocky start and end up achieving many more milestones than we would have thought."

As for Ava's doctors, they couldn't explain her recovery. But her mother, a practicing Baptist, could.

"We prayed all the time, the whole community," she said. "Everybody knew our story and was upset. A prayer circle got together and continued to pray. That's what helped her through it."

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