Trendy Cleanses for Kids Alarm Doctors

These drinks can also have an effect on the colon.

Dr. Mark R. Corkins, professor of pediatrics at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, said children can also become dehydrated faster than adults.

“The idea is you clean out the colon because it makes all sorts of ‘toxins,’” said Corkins. “Actually we are designed to have a symbiotic relationship with the bacteria that live in our colon. They create short-chain fatty acids that the lining cells use for energy and also make some vitamin K. The colon bacteria also have role to protect from disease causing bacteria that might find their way into the colon. If you cleanse the colon, very quickly the colon will re-colonize with bacteria. So what is the purpose?”

“In a way, I think of this as reverse bulimia sometimes,” he said. “I’m sure most of these parents would not want the child to binge and then induce vomiting but this is in many ways looking for the same outcome.”

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