Unusual Online Quest for Motherhood


Tanya confesses that she thought it was "crazy" at first but says, "People have one-night stands and they have babies all the time. I made an adult choice and he and I have come together for a common reason to do this."

However, Tanya has made it clear to him that if she becomes pregnant, she is the only legal parent to the child.

"I wasn't on that website to find a boyfriend or husband or a father of my child," she firmly said. "I was on the website to find a wonderful person that was willing to provide me free sperm."

With motherhood her number one priority, Tanya has also begun working with an adoption lawyer and has even set up a website -- www.babyfortanya.info -- where people who have information on adoptions can contact her. She hopes her biological daughter, who is now 21-years old, might track her down through the site.

However it happens, Tanya is determined to have a baby. "I'm a fighter and I'm not ready to give up…. I just hope that the end result is me being a mom."

Watch the full story on the latest episode of "20/20" online.

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