Allergic To Chemotherapy

Yale Cancer Center helps man find new chemo drugs following allergic reactions.
2:25 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Allergic To Chemotherapy
My first three treatments. Your medications. -- was -- from him cancer. In allergic reaction to. Start to feel a little -- Ultimately. It's. And they stopped -- -- the -- it was just turned bright red Apache red. Blue chips closed -- -- question we. Just it started humor. -- -- Yeah. Yeah. -- -- Are -- should -- start driving in a few drops the name people. -- seem to agree on a ranch. Blood pressure goes back whatever so we had that was reserved and -- children and we tried various ways of suppressing immune system would -- him in very solutions now. Resilience which shoots them different drugs unfortunately get these situations. When and you kind of gone through the standard things it. -- Here -- experience creativity and figure out a little way. Kinda mix. It's -- a little bit try -- different. Different. -- -- The last time it shows that I am having some shrinkage and tumor in my -- right here. So that was a -- slide. Mind. Cancer ruffles that shows that -- -- cancer ridden. It has worn down. -- -- my body mind. So the school. -- -- -- -- -- -- With this new broke out everything is no real actions and the page views this -- in the belly as -- -- Her. -- all. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15008173,"title":"Allergic To Chemotherapy","duration":"2:25","description":"Yale Cancer Center helps man find new chemo drugs following allergic reactions.","url":"/Health/video/allergic-chemotherapy-15008173","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}