App for Cancer Screening

Dr. Bobby Buka talks about his mole-checking app.
5:05 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for App for Cancer Screening
We've heard there's an app for everything but what about to screen of course skin cancer spot check is a new -- that helps you identify suspicious looking -- with just a click of your iPhone. Joining us to tell us more is the apps founder dermatologist. Doctor Bobby Booth -- -- -- welcome thanks for being there. Tell us how you came up with the idea for spot check. There a lot of barriers to entry between finding a patient from getting into the exam room and looking over their -- Patients think how to -- get off time were from panel I find my insurance card for the vehicle -- how long we'll have to wait in the waiting room. We want to remove those barriers to entry and get. Potentially dangerous small screen early. And so how does the applicants for teaching the photo of a moment to think may be dangerous -- -- into our team -- certified dermatologists. We'll give you response within 24 hours as to whether your -- looks atypical. Typical or whether it's not even more. So obviously -- promising some speedy. Responses here. Is it just you are there other doctors you're checking out because -- came -- -- -- was certified dermatologist and the current average -- time to see dermatologist for potentially suspicious mole -- thirty days. No melanoma in particular -- survival rate over five years and go from 96%. To 15% over just a few months of the importance of giving patients -- early to make that diagnosis quickly. Is vital vital but we're -- how accurate can you be from just a picture. It's good it's good course -- -- -- in person examination is the best record -- sometimes patients just can't make it didn't matter this is the next best option. Just give us a sense of what you -- looks like and we'll -- you with 98% accuracy. Whether that more is potentially dangerous. And they sometimes say you know we're really not sure we need to have is certainly had a person definitely there -- times I just can't tell from the photo -- -- two dimensional not three dimensional way. Rein in those instances we'll say we're not sure come on and -- but Biden gives someone peace of mind and they don't have to take off -- they don't have to figure out their entrance situation. And or maybe they don't have insurance we can give you that peace of mind very quickly this taking out insurance at all costs that go way back and check -- how much -- this app costs really trying to reduce the cost you. To end users so -- they're charged to dermatologists that are participating in the program. But for end users installing -- -- 499 -- submission. OK great so you don't need to buy a V app. -- history the app and the -- a lot of Green conditioning percent submission first Haitian OK great great if you download the app itself does it have any information on Mellon. That's kind of nation on. Condoms statistics. -- the populations that melanoma affects most news AB CTV's of melanoma recognition right let's say the ABC because of melanoma. Let's start so -- symmetry so he's here -- -- really dark on one side and really light brown on the other. He is border is there a smooth edge and then one corner of it is really jagged. That's something that's of concern font color if there's three more colors of something we want patients look for two colors are OK three colors may be a harbinger for -- activity. And in -- diameter so any mold is growing rapidly that's larger than six millimeters is something that should be looked at. So if you see any one of these signs -- ABC or. How are you gonna say this looks cancerous run to your doctor. There are some that we can tell right away -- and that others if you tell me that -- it looks normal has been peachy for leading a painful. It doesn't really matter what looks like malls aren't supposed to be symptomatic right in which case -- physician. Most importantly there's a news is breaking news isn't the letter to NBC GE unit. And that speech that last point we just made so if that if -- -- -- still check out. But this lesion is evolving which is -- that's something needs to be looked -- thinking that also recommend doctors on an outlet that's true -- -- the -- next features that. After we tell you some news potentially typical. Crucially -- in your area that are participating with us -- an -- that thirty day waiting period to see dermatologists we -- -- down to two weeks. All for participating doctors all -- which is -- board certified dermatologist. We'll -- spot -- patients within two weeks and blue and do whatever -- appears necessary fantastic so what's the response been so far been amazing I mean and mean there's so many especially in New York City where we're so so busy in barrage by holiday activities we -- -- be part of. This is -- quickly you either get peace of mind what the -- but in new dermatologist and hasn't invites you to its potentially dangerous. Have you already seen some some some missions where you feel like -- really step in and potentially save the life definitely I'll definitely. Wow that's a good thing to -- until today -- an especially occasions it. We know may not have ever made in Newton and maybe if he waited an extra month two months we would've taken a -- one melanoma. Which has a very high it's non survival rate. To a stage four melanoma which could be in potentially preventive absolutely without providing for the thank you so much -- -- --

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{"id":14986167,"title":"App for Cancer Screening","duration":"5:05","description":"Dr. Bobby Buka talks about his mole-checking app.","url":"/Health/video/app-cancer-screening-14986167","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}