The Assault on Salt

Dr. Renato Santos discusses the science of salty diets.
0:58 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for The Assault on Salt
Salt intake especially high salt intake has been associated -- Hypertension. And adverse cardiovascular events I think everyone agrees that there is. A relationship -- between -- taken hypertension. The relationship between salt intake and cardiac events such as heart attacks heart failure stroke things like that. Are a little more questionable I think we all would like effort. Salt intake to be reduced and our diets but isn't the proper role for government to. Make that decision and in dealings -- -- unintended consequences that. May lead to effects. We don't want to see. I think the fiasco that we -- win. Dietary fat. Is strong evidence that we can't predict everything so before we make large changes or important changes -- government policy. We really need to make sure that the science is equally as strong.

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{"id":14929420,"title":"The Assault on Salt","duration":"0:58","description":"Dr. Renato Santos discusses the science of salty diets.","url":"/Health/video/assault-salt-14929420","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}