Bionic Hand Gives Man Sense of Touch

Dennis Aabo Sorensen is the first amputee to feel in real-time with a prosthetic hand.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for Bionic Hand Gives Man Sense of Touch
Text. It. For the first time we weren't able put -- tour and he had time sensory feelings in an amputee why didn't you with -- and decent -- -- Hand and was quite amazing because. Somebody I could feel something that I have convened a feeling phone from nine yes. My kids live in it's loyalists -- school but even calling the cable guy. We've been formed before we can cut -- Implanting electrodes deemed to be -- -- unnerved. He hadn't had favor those Sanford attached to each day and -- quote each finger. We can use these sensors. To understand the level of force the patient was performing quite -- asking -- -- -- -- before -- information. To believe it very precise stimulation to the defense sensory nerves you know -- to restore these Soviet dime since -- feeling. Into the -- -- You feel round things and -- things and sufferings and the feedback was totally new to me and and suddenly struck when -- west doing -- movements. Could. Field actually what it -- doing. Instead of looking what I was doing a good enough to have -- the new -- because since it's so amazing to to feel something that. And we need to field phones for so many years. -- -- --

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{"id":22376059,"title":"Bionic Hand Gives Man Sense of Touch","duration":"3:00","description":"Dennis Aabo Sorensen is the first amputee to feel in real-time with a prosthetic hand.","url":"/Health/video/bionic-hand-man-sense-touch-22376059","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}