Boy's Parents Sue Arizona for Cannabis Oil Treatment

Zander Welton was born with a genetic brain defect that causes seizures.
1:34 | 10/31/13

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Transcript for Boy's Parents Sue Arizona for Cannabis Oil Treatment
That's -- in two months ago this just didn't happen Zander Welch and blocking back work we're actually starting to get canard that. This was and are just a few weeks ago. He was born with a genetic brain defects it -- -- seizures several week and then to Sanders development stopped at about a year old. Now. For the first time -- about shortcut Michael look at it and come up to me you know given some. -- mostly environment. Address his parents never even dreamed was possible after -- started using medical marijuana. He takes the treatment in the form of Canada's soil an extract of the marijuana plants need to give them -- -- -- medication and united like a -- Herat but since -- an alternative form of medical -- the state says it could be illegal for dispensaries to sell now the well things are afraid they could be charged with a crime. So they turned to traditional medical marijuana. The -- and we're having to do it now is to -- Just. Marijuana plant and crush it up and makes it into like a -- or an apple -- And then trying to game the EDA. But it isn't easy. -- -- -- stated our four. Not all of it or help -- refused to take it. Which is why the well -- are suing they're hoping the court will rule those marijuana extracts are legal. And that a judge say no one can see huge -- up -- Jennifer are trying to help their son. Nobody should have to feel that way.

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{"id":20745686,"title":"Boy's Parents Sue Arizona for Cannabis Oil Treatment","duration":"1:34","description":"Zander Welton was born with a genetic brain defect that causes seizures.","url":"/Health/video/boys-parents-sue-arizona-cannabis-oil-treatment-20745686","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}