California Teen Dies Performing Online Stunt

David Nuno, 15, cut his throat on a drinking glass after trying to make himself pass out.
3:00 | 09/27/12

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Transcript for California Teen Dies Performing Online Stunt
They started by lighting candles and saying a prayer from east lake high school. Then they started walking more than a hundred friends saying goodbye to fifteen year old David -- you know. He just song online game. Now -- time. You could see the blue balloons floating above the crowd marking their. -- from the school to David's home a few miles away where his life came to a tragic end. Think the waking up this morning bringing -- when he you're close friend. Isn't there anymore it's it's a really hard feeling. Police say David and his friends were imitating a video like this one on YouTube. On how to make yourself pass out when David fell lay in -- are drinking glass and cut an artery in his throat. We shouldn't have been to you even though -- regions. I've been the -- today -- -- -- have a good time with your -- -- -- French city miss a kid who was funny and kind and one of the youngest members of a student group that meant toward others school. He was -- mediation -- -- help others they. He doesn't like about himself he was about a verdict helping everyone -- -- of -- other problems the kind of person many here only.

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{"id":17337636,"title":"California Teen Dies Performing Online Stunt","duration":"3:00","description":"David Nuno, 15, cut his throat on a drinking glass after trying to make himself pass out.","url":"/Health/video/california-teen-dies-performing-online-stunt-17337636","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}