Singing Your Way to Better Health

Voice therapy is being used to treat symptoms of depression, Parkinson's.
3:21 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for Singing Your Way to Better Health
Anyone who's ever sung an -- can tell you what an -- the -- experience it can be but now medical experts are Chiming in on that same refrain. Claiming that singing can improve the physical symptoms of a range of conditions from depression. To parkinson's the BBC's -- satchel brings us that story from Canterbury England. Can support and some -- and strange new leases. The sky -- a warming the choir made up exclusively of patients suffering from Parkinson's disease. Good. Okay. Plus suspect eighteen months ago to see if singing can improve house. It's certainly had an impact on the patient's quality of life but it. C. News four in the -- -- Nice to have something to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We drove him in tears -- and big scandal and. I won't parkinson's is to -- of the central nervous system it beats to difficulty controlling movement. And can have a dramatic impacts on the strength of the bullets. Pool. Michael has been coming to the quiet for about -- months. There -- -- respectable -- -- his shoulder Paper. As well as making new friends and improving his confidence Michael is convinced the quiet has left with physical improvements in his condition. By this wonderful. -- -- in this room. Say you know Hollis and laugh and joke and really enjoy it -- -- really good within a little voices who have strong. -- -- -- -- -- -- have been sets up around the country with patients suffering. From mental health problems alzheimer's lung disease even -- all options similar response. And improvements in self esteem and a reduction in anxiety depression. -- -- -- -- You won't -- behind -- -- runs this quiet says. It's time for the therapeutic powers singing. -- be -- widely recognized. We want to be able to get singing and restaurant. -- good GP. Realizes that maybe they patient. Could benefit from coming to get this thing -- of the people. And that's a very very easy way of starting to get into. And cited improvement. Such for a range of conditions in the future it may be that singing in a quiet. Could be pops -- -- treatments. -- -- and BBC news camps.

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{"id":14956523,"title":"Singing Your Way to Better Health","duration":"3:21","description":"Voice therapy is being used to treat symptoms of depression, Parkinson's.","url":"/Health/video/choir-therapy-used-to-improve-health-14956523","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}