Cooking in Everyday English Berbere Chicken

Chef Todd English demonstrates his recipe at his fabulous Plaza Food Hall.
8:56 | 01/02/12

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Transcript for Cooking in Everyday English Berbere Chicken
I -- tidy -- here my food off at the Plaza Hotel in beautiful New York City. I'm very excited you're talking about my new cookbook cooking and everyday English the ABCs of great flavors at home. It's really about our everyday diet this shouldn't be complicated the used to be simple in needs to be fresh. It needs to be local and has -- you can't organic those are things that I always professed. For the last thirty plus years I've been doing this business that's all I've wanted to see this country turn right worked all over Europe I've traveled extensively -- My future program -- see what the world has to offer wanted to bring them back to you in this book we'll. In so many different ways it's about layering things was spices and -- -- with attitudes -- great salt. Going great combinations of very simple ideas and making them in your kitchen and home so I really horses grabbed a hold of this book. Go through it every recipe. Do the salads which are fresh and delicious -- seasonally. Always think about that in back of your mind and I'll talk about that a lot in the book because it really is about. Where you re your buying your -- today I'm very excited to be cooking in this country be cooking in America and to bring in what we have in this country which is eclectic. Which is -- really a melting pot of so many different ideas. And a great idea that we can get most of these ingredients all sorts of cultures. To do. Food that it delicious nutritious and exciting in our home home and that's what I want you to get out of this -- I hope you -- One of my. Favorite places in the world along with that -- is rivers -- Philip Rivers -- start -- with -- three tablespoons paprika. Right -- this is a nice sweet paprika. -- have a tablespoon of crushed red peppers. -- and ground -- It was -- They're thinking about what these guys like northern India meet its northern half of the places. For his. He's -- Summer just to -- that nice -- Allspice. That he's. He's been. Her clothes and about a tablespoon coriander. To. Me and black peppercorns. That I have a tablespoons. And sold. And and -- -- puzzle together. Right and it's the -- that beautiful pungent flavor of the data that. Right so I have -- -- has -- completely -- hand away. -- -- -- -- -- On the stove appears as he did know or feel anything at all and it's okay what -- we'll do -- supreme all was essential -- out. The in this prices -- that beautiful. Paramedic engine perverts place. Remember you don't wanna burn this place is worth. Just give and I sort of -- now. Allowed just. Beautiful ginger coriander clothes and -- this is all about those waivers because that is really was. It was not only grown on her -- net and on that route that often imported. As we take this and I think this place rendered because the mortar -- He's got vertical content management places. When you make the first places they really are so delicious. Couple both of like that. The -- players. Made. Right now with this. Going to make -- grilled chicken -- right -- this -- something that I love to do you can get chicken breasts cut to equality. Just -- -- -- -- tonight's voting. Rights really and just the moisture the chicken itself. We'll be enough to enough to hold despite. This simply lay it down inside down. It was nice Christian knows what we'll get on the streets Baghdad units in this and -- matter which side within hours by the chicken is cooking. -- make one of my favorite spot in the world comes from Rome is we'll cut you have reports I have from my own twist on it. Reviews of a vegetable -- is used very much room. Guess what that is it's an artist -- I've done -- have actually taken the artichoke. And we branches often -- them down. Way and simply we're gonna do it this quarter -- This these are baby artichokes reason I like these to -- -- here they have very little -- in this. Mortimer due to simply pan roasted or get -- a little crispy. Right potential. Of these and -- put -- in the in the pan with a little bit of olive oil. -- -- -- Just let these -- were gonna do it this is at this -- at the end. Now. -- very consistent could mean we've ever had cut through that we do understand there's a creamy Stewart might think goers voted -- cream. It's not necessary that this group quickly where I have located she's but you can -- packeting know -- position to know she's. And my Phil Hughes that is absolutely delicious and -- with lots of Chris -- the term but -- is black pepper and battalion. Accurate he gave an agreement. This meant that around than a million years that -- And for a minute. Because that this person again. -- -- -- -- He was about half the water. Brilliant is that and create -- melts -- C creates its creamy thought that goes around. The but you have to use the hot water from the from the populist -- -- to the -- that are in the water. He will create itself that clings to the pot itself. It certainly haven't -- that the parts -- So popular -- is done and that beautiful on the ice cream sauce with -- day of work. Every delicious. -- -- puffed out. Because -- and make them. And my toasted -- -- here. About careers this together. This is that looks did not announce a stream of water has the -- water and a little bit -- -- Absolutely this is hoping for -- We keep drivers gotta make this at -- so delicious. Victory at all those gorgeous artichokes and -- there with a what's so amazing. Is this noticed that beautiful black pepper gorgeous -- to -- -- you -- Green no reporters started -- to leave that little bit more up parsley and that's developed world. Scenario you're beautiful. -- -- that -- -- until he or found in my cookbooks and affirmative action might have been here from that beautiful there's oil prices over the top of the right places -- -- Who have worked better. Here's the person who goes by the beautiful chicken restaurant. -- -- -- one little. Plus when you have witnesses right and it is now. I have I have others my book this one is -- show you what this place is all about how wonderful it is you can go on this. New York. Anything in your state -- wonderful wonderful place so delicious and see their goals and it was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- complete -- wonderful rivers pledged -- Networks and her -- back to a perfect for a repeat.

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{"id":15274648,"title":"Cooking in Everyday English Berbere Chicken","duration":"8:56","description":"Chef Todd English demonstrates his recipe at his fabulous Plaza Food Hall.","url":"/Health/video/cooking-everyday-english-berbere-chicken-15274648","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}