Dental Care in the ER?

Dr. Browne says a growing number of patients visit the ER with dental problems.
1:12 | 02/28/12

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Transcript for Dental Care in the ER?
We've seen over 2000 patients per year present into their power merged department and he first Marilyn. With dental problems over the last couple of years in fact that number is slightly increasing. The a few years ago I dental care it was. Dropped as -- covered as service. By Medicaid. And the following six months in numbers of patients presenting. Consumers -- and increased by 21%. That number has dropped to 12% above the starting number but never contacted to normal. Most of the people who are coming to -- department these problems. Are the uninsured or the and the newly insured under insured. And they don't have any other. Place to go. He certainly -- -- the criteria. Coming to an emergency department but without any other place to go we're taking care more and more of I think it basic services could be provided. These patients might not end up with you know such severe dental problems as they are presenting with.

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{"id":15813081,"title":"Dental Care in the ER?","duration":"1:12","description":"Dr. Browne says a growing number of patients visit the ER with dental problems.","url":"/Health/video/dental-care-er-15813081","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}