Drum Major Dies After FAMU Game

Robert Champion, 26, was found unconscious aboard a school bus.
1:57 | 11/21/11

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Transcript for Drum Major Dies After FAMU Game
It is a quiet and somber mood here at Florida -- and and university tonight as students are. Just starting to learn about the death of one of their -- -- band members returned this afternoon without one of their leaders. We weren't there as the buses arrived back on campus around for this afternoon and we tried talking to the band members but everyone was just -- -- -- Or declines to comment we are -- learning about Robert champion tonight he was -- music major from Atlanta out. He was one of six drum majors for the marching 100. And had been in drum majors since the spring of 2010. Now I spoke to some students on campus tonight who were obviously upset by champions -- They tell me their parents are now bit shaken up as well as this is the second recent student at at and -- this semester. This isn't the only -- BCA you know with the -- about player -- died so is just like one on top with the other that was too long -- -- -- -- The first semester it's far -- soon death it's crazy is really -- it's like taking. We got a statement from -- band director Julian white tonight without champion's death. White says we are in shock he was a very fine drum major who was one of excellent character. And very trustworthy. I had not told him yet but he was slated to be -- head drum major next year. And U president doctor James -- also released a statement saying quote. We are deeply saddened by this loss our hearts and our prayers go out to mr. -- family. This is a major loss for our student body the -- 100 and the university. Now tonight we are still waiting on word on a possible memorial service here on campus and -- -- the Orlando area are still investigating champion's death. We will of course bring you the very latest on that investigation as it unfolds. Reporting from Florida an and university campus and Emmanuel ABC 27 HD.

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{"id":14998976,"title":"Drum Major Dies After FAMU Game","duration":"1:57","description":"Robert Champion, 26, was found unconscious aboard a school bus.","url":"/Health/video/drum-major-robert-champion-dies-after-famu-game-14998976","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}