Fake Doctor Accused of Botched Liposuction

California man allegedly posed as a physician to operate a bogus clinic.
1:57 | 12/26/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fake Doctor Accused of Botched Liposuction
-- -- orange jumpsuit Carlos Guzman also known as Carlos Guzman Garza. Was led into court and right back out again after his court appointed attorney waived his right to -- the parents Guzman had an office in this building in San Francisco's mission district. Senator said she saw maybe five patients a week coming and going one of them a daily -- people. Told prosecutors about her liposuction procedure. Inducements clinic. When he started the procedure. She said do you have an assistant with the innocent no you're my assistant today. He was holding her own. -- Is thought to cigar during the procedure. The district attorney senators -- -- incident where some of her. Fat. -- on the floor and six. The woman developed a serious infection eventually had to have reconstructive surgery with a real doctor. The DA says Guzman got his patients by offering cut rate deals hospital. The price that could be imported. This significantly less. -- -- -- that you're -- from other personal that should be at risk life and always our home. Threw -- the price that -- quoted for liposuction and a pilot was reportedly 3000 dollars according to court documents. Guzman is being held in jail until next Tuesday when he'll be formally charged with four counts of practicing medicine without a license as well as grand theft. And felony assault. His bail is set at 750000. Dollars. Neighbors in the mission district -- -- introduced himself as doctor with a medical degree from Mexico was practicing here as a physician's assistant. We know. That this is not a unique cities we do in this particular case -- and we. For only victims the DA wants to find those victims right now Guzman is charged with felonies stemming from just one complaint. And he's looking at twelve years if convicted.

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{"id":15235727,"title":"Fake Doctor Accused of Botched Liposuction","duration":"1:57","description":"California man allegedly posed as a physician to operate a bogus clinic.","url":"/Health/video/fake-doctor-accused-botched-liposuction-15235727","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}