'Fighting Encephalitis'

Film brings awareness to illness affecting an estimated 20,000 Americans a year.
4:55 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for 'Fighting Encephalitis'
Soon as we walked -- com. I thought that had just collapsed. Time on the ground and -- -- -- -- he. I was over there when the people and we've seen and remember. And trying to get me up to walk connect can walk in the room vertigo. Just ungodly and the rudeness I'm terribly. And I'm sick -- my stomach and speaking gibberish. And yeah. Pretending like I was fine and it was just fine. And I could walk to connect you can walk and talking and -- -- was lying there all I can do is just mind. It's an easy tight -- -- -- -- It's human brain -- -- -- -- Complex -- under -- ago. Actually 200 to let it go. -- -- let's look at. -- -- And people I think don't think of it as often as they perhaps should because it's an uncommon condition. And the general public thinks more about strokes and -- -- because those types of problems get more publicity. Is clearly. Encephalitis should be something that the general public is aware and the medical. Field as well. Yeah ten masters my conscience is what happens again. -- Steve -- ice streams. I was so we're not ask him so dizzy. My vision missiles spinning around my head would go like this in my vision -- -- like this. They gave me and -- That -- from I think his message and change. Tendency to pinch hit in the little guy locals demands. To show how it's done. Well they could get a reading and I couldn't hold. -- let's scale and community can keep. That's -- I couldn't even do the simple things simple biological tasks like and I couldn't do that I couldn't do this. It was phenomenal weakness on the left side there was some paralysis and vocal cords and my voice is very kind of week. And -- and Christians. It's. Okay. I can't really -- men attacked me and animal. I can't decide one he. I can't preach extemporaneous and -- from reader written minister. Went with us. I have short term memory issues I sometimes can't remember. There's one less stress in my life because they can remember all the stuff has to do and that's on the streets when there's. The sad. It's. My children and can you imagine -- -- can't even hold maybe. So wouldn't you -- -- And challenge you learn from -- let's talk yeah -- -- paying her mental illness. And dinner. It's fuels fuels seem to have one treatment for encephalitis is called a funeral -- not having babies and not something else. I ditched my yeah. I haven't been in my mind -- -- makes sense it was. It is an experience. And if -- union. And helped me that I've become part of encephalitis global we're working to. Promote early diagnosis. Were working to alleviate. Unnecessary suffering. And to prevent untimely -- we need your help -- Let's put our brings together to support -- research.

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{"id":15817441,"title":"'Fighting Encephalitis'","duration":"4:55","description":"Film brings awareness to illness affecting an estimated 20,000 Americans a year.","url":"/Health/video/fighting-encephalitis-15817441","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}