Food For Diabetes

Chef Franklin Becker shares diabetes friendly recipes from Lexington Brass.
4:48 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for Food For Diabetes
According to the American Diabetes Association nearly 26 million adults and children in the US patent diabetes an important key ingredient. Calling -- This healthy eating -- -- learn how to do that right here -- let -- contrast. Executives Jeff Franklin -- I realize that I think -- CS. He has a lot of diabetes friendly dishes on the -- and let -- -- and why you come up -- I was. Diagnosed with type two diabetes when -- -- 27 blood sugar levels were were -- -- -- -- -- -- What a normal person certain levels should be -- diabetes is obviously a growing problem about five million are diagnosed when he. Not even realize -- So if you actually visit my website which is two reasons one recipe. Dot com war take a look at my book -- beat diabetes with picture perfect weight loss in both those. There's ways to help prevent diabetes they're shopping tips there -- gone out tips. There's recipes by other -- the main ingredients of -- diabetes friendly now. -- need to control your car team I think if you incorporate -- can incorporate Green leafy vegetables and -- healthy proteins. Healthy tax. Not over saturated fats I think you're on the right track to controlling the -- -- -- -- Can't tell us. Number one minuses of Bedford that it might just a -- period so there's a lot of antioxidants and here -- have grapes and tomatoes. He had some -- -- her heart healthy. Cat you have a little -- direct yes and ginger. Which is really good stimulant for your body. We have some short -- which is simply grilled Maluku is who switches kind of serving as a felon. OK we're enlightened my -- and it's portion control -- yeah it's enough to satisfy them without. Taking two. The grand you know program you know that's correct it simply grilled. With a little lemon extra virgin olive oil some herbs a little -- for -- On -- since -- trojans will didn't just a little bit of garlic and then we just take a little bit of vinegar and extra virgin -- -- -- And again lots of lean protein that he's not a lot are. We have a grilled salmon. -- and some roasted tomatoes which are. So sweet young diabetics really loved sweet things. The kind of gets -- going. So why have the sweetness of the tomatoes and -- The richness of the salmon and salmon has great Omega -- and in the great heart healthy fats and it. We have some lentils -- and that's the heart of the dish with a little for -- a little Italy. -- -- -- -- Of course you've you've got to the heart of the matter when news of the diabetic last week but that's the one thing that they kind of have to be a little careful about it and one of the things I didn't say you have. Dessert or as having -- single this is. Isn't great either because -- -- -- and that's it could also be a starter we actually service. For breakfast and and they couldn't you can kind of present this as a park it was a -- on the bottom the Greek yogurt in the senate. It's a brutal on top you can. There would hesitate to wait for somebody if you wanted to store -- refrigerator at home in the -- we can have a major portion of -- to really control. Yourself so this is a Vanilla bean and went on the view isn't just a split the Allegheny. I think opening up. -- -- -- -- A little bit. Of the -- and this is just some great Greek yogurt. Puck drop of uncommon talent obvious got a low lysine -- I just like the subtlety. That it brings to the dish and kind of prefer to put -- on the bottom. And I'm just gonna sprinkle in a little bit of homemade granola. And this is a little and homemade strawberry jam and what I did was just cook the strawberries until the -- -- And there is a really really good for you home fresh fruit wanted to. I would not think that yes thank yeah looking at how -- me. -- -- -- I'm not even a diabetic I think we come back here you obviously you know not -- dishes that are on our menu. And not so. It was certainly didn't have a good -- -- right -- that's the end and that's the end result. Kate good -- when he can't exactly thank you so much I traveled.

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{"id":15068617,"title":"Food For Diabetes","duration":"4:48","description":"Chef Franklin Becker shares diabetes friendly recipes from Lexington Brass.","url":"/Health/video/franklin-becker-chef-diabetes-recipes-cook-health-15068617","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}