Fusing Yoga With Martial Arts

Carlos Rodriquez of Pure Yoga West talks Capoyasa.
2:33 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Fusing Yoga With Martial Arts
My name is Carlos Rodriguez. Creator and founder of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Basically my passions and everything that's been really natural and organic it's seamlessly came together stuff that I now I -- -- where are on the beach in animals like organic way and I loved it so that was -- just organic for me to be able to fuse that into something that was also came to me really EC. It's just the flow of the body through yoga which is looking outside its. So I put them together and come -- enthusiasts we can't come -- house. Why didn't He exact camp where postures or emotions and -- and weeks. Put them into the -- Sunday night I made my own interpretation -- I did she signatures things like -- yeah. Which is very distinct and we -- throughout the loss. In my -- -- excuse -- a little bit to make of him. It's extremely physical fans that what distinguishes this from other types of yoga and tennis he's been cardiac. Most of the people are hard workers people that want -- work hard want to move their body. And that's when I'm just -- a little bit more defined. The -- hot it's an example. Detoxify two -- but it also penetrates into the muscles. And allows you to. Find an optimal flexibility. And allows you to mobilize easier all. This is a lot of repetition of the fox people can get it based on visual based on emotion. So you'll get it whether it's the first time or whether it's a tense time -- -- -- we Begin with a short seated meditation. And we -- with the -- meditation they had their solution Moscow where. Lay there and basically we reap the benefits of all the emotion and all the breathing and everything that's kind of surface. The breath and released. During the -- so still it's very important to me how that's really what's hot today. And allows it seems to be a form on your list and not just.

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{"id":14773784,"title":"Fusing Yoga With Martial Arts","duration":"2:33","description":"Carlos Rodriquez of Pure Yoga West talks Capoyasa.","url":"/Health/video/fusing-yoga-martial-arts-14773784","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}