Germ-Free Travel

Dr. Karen Latimer on how to avoid germs in the air.
5:15 | 11/07/11

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With the holidays right around the corner many of us are making plans to -- out of town. But unfortunately for those hitting the skies air travel and germs seem to go hand in hand. So how can you enjoy the holiday travel and avoid getting sick. Joining us with tips on protecting yourself against air borne illnesses this family practitioner and author of the blog yes five dot net. Doctor Karen Latimer doctor Latimer great to have you here thinking they had -- again. So what is it about air -- -- is it just. You know it's just a Petri dish of -- -- -- absolutely especially at this percent of here with. They'll cold seasons already in full bloom flu season is really just around the corner it's about to hit and you're sitting in -- confined space with recycled air -- Extended periods of time people aren't walking around in. And good things are getting passed around and passed around so you have some tips I love your -- -- the first one is to just. Come -- right. Absolutely you usually know what you're getting on a plane and you -- -- think about it going in and you want to try to support your immune system in the week -- few days leading up to your trip. And to do that you want to eat a healthy balanced diet try to cut back on alcohol -- -- little bit. You know increased things like vitamin CU through the federal -- foods rich in zinc. And -- just basically try to get enough sleep and do things up your immune system -- -- everyone going on the plane is not on an equal playing field some people are and carrying with. Stronger immune systems and other. Absolutely and you know some people get -- the time and some people and yet I never sent an addition you have small children on the plane and they as we know it. In such germ carrier and have older people who. Are probably much more susceptible to getting sick so is it are you when you're sitting on a plane let's say five rows back from somebody the -- are you just as susceptible to those terms of the person sitting directly behind -- no not really had no. It's been passed by contact so -- general it's touching the things that other people -- -- cough -- you know area didn't sound right germs onto. The -- be careful about clean surface is that you touch more so than the people that you're right here coming close contact for the fourth of them is coughing next to you that's a big risk but. -- -- -- -- Not as much although it is getting recycled into the -- -- -- I -- I also say avoid dehydration so does that mean come with a water bottle all come prepared. We're drink a lot before getting on the plane absolutely will -- the air so dry on the plane in the in the first place so your skin as your first barrier. A protection against germs you're nasal passages are great barrier for. Captioned by the -- dry if you're dehydrated and then your skin is breaking down Unita passages of breaking down. And just being to hydrate in general suppress your immune system so you -- to take a lot of fluids before you get on the plane. -- lowering your plane ride and even afterwards help you flush out some of those. Germs that you -- you know taken in and the toxins that were on the plane. Great advice I also consider cleaning your area when he got on the plane that you bring lake what send right -- -- glass and you might look crazy that you I -- I but it does dirt and yes you are you aren't but you know what worse than being -- being -- away from home -- usually going -- -- the great vacation you're going out of business trip. And you need to feel well. It just hit a sneak it take that -- a few seconds why don't you arm -- the tree table. Maybe that unit events think that people have been touching because that's -- you going to come in contact and they don't. Those things after every flight right now you know how quickly turn planes around and they clean the floors and they get rid of the garbage but they're certainly not anti bacterial -- -- wiping down the surfaces and -- and those term let's say someone with a cold has touched the -- of events. And how Long Will those terms stay active can live for a while and -- the -- -- -- today especially in those conditions that dry you know recycled air nothing's really getting pregnant is really -- well look that's that's pretty scary it but it's not if you didn't think -- yeah I don't care and Iraq. But cleaning herself -- mean obviously you don't want -- -- -- either. Right well absolutely no for the safety of the other passengers but in addition near in the bathroom. On the plane and -- but is getting out nobody likes to be an end a confined small species into the quick hands -- but more important on a plane than anywhere else probably -- that you really watching as he touched everything now. In there. To protect yourself you know really washing hands of children after they use the bathroom in the plane. -- even periodically but travel with my children periodically throughout the trip by kind of into quick irrelevant -- -- just. Because I don't know what they've touched and certainly before the meal comes around -- -- -- and everybody absolutely -- -- -- -- -- salty snacks that the hydrate your right to -- immoral -- -- feelings about over the scanner prevention you know getting some things at the drugstore. -- it hit no working with airborne I think with a teacher genius because it sounds. You know that such a great idea a vitamin C echinacea there doesn't mean ingredients but really if you just had a well balanced diet and you eat well going in and -- of fruits and vegetables and try to stay healthy and lots of what are you probably are doing -- the same thing that back and -- That they're not FDA -- so I can't say for sure I do find personally that can take -- up in my intake of vitamin C does help us by Philip and getting sick wrangling on a plane via the anecdotally I think it helps -- and you recommend getting a flu shot absolutely 100% for everybody but especially if you're going to travel right all right thank you so much talk pretty big tobacco.

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