Halloween 'Boo' Camp

Trainer Nikki Kimbrough demonstrates how to work off those Halloween calories.
5:16 | 10/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Halloween 'Boo' Camp
Okay fess up you know you're probably going to be raiding your kids' Halloween -- -- probably dipping into the candy you're supposed to -- handing out Halloween night. So you're worried about all the damage these -- sweet treats might do. Here not where Harry gold's gym in Manhattan wearing trainer Nikki hero is gonna put it to the -- of -- work out she called. -- -- let's check it out. They busy paying him so much for having -- If it happens and how about from school work out how to -- enough that I love the -- -- that it's just a combination of boot camp class exercises. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's and He can take this -- -- happening to Begin to get up and the witch's broom -- has happened have been excellent -- I would room. He's a great -- -- better way. Put him behind. Crack heads and Beckham on fashionably and haven't been given a couldn't -- showed -- with -- part. -- Jose simple Whitehead asked Kevin couldn't take it happened -- night even flat. Taken the -- that good sit -- and those heels. If you squeeze the black and bring it right back. That's right there in terms of excellent yet yet see how -- went down at him out -- at Livent for back on the He -- Take it back for me again. Today good news -- -- It's definitely feel it. He gave me Wal-Mart raving about this restrictive of pollutants in the five in -- in. Columnist -- pumpkin time achievement. But Obama can't get -- first -- gave -- -- -- easy runs seventy feet together. -- -- -- He's gonna hate the leg out of bars make here everything's a line right back hips and knees ankles -- toes. And precedents that would just that basically into the picket lines down. Good time and bring -- death. Now than adult black magic to -- little itself -- take it down getting a little down for. A good. -- and then bring him back down the puck had triggered pretty over the expecting that you've never make it more advanced than -- from this witness. Yeah yeah yeah. -- it and let us let us come. Good. And it -- -- -- hang out of that balance -- Patriot Act -- He asked when an advocate doing is keeping it basic lines being a good time He could make anyone look. -- never work on our police -- whether they're okay but it turned back to back. It -- fed up with a pen and then we're probably got copies the pump -- -- the -- -- I'm gonna turn to my left you gonna turn to -- right. This could it was speech. Couldn't could split for good -- -- yeah that's greatly needed to accommodate Billick has been with -- stretched to -- yeah yeah right yeah right here. Safety stickiness to reset how many -- have -- Yeah. I say take -- at fifteen -- when I love isn't just and He can -- definitely. This sort of like if you. Yeah like we're damn thing. -- nice looking -- iron -- There wasn't. Even a great change tonight on it today you give me -- -- handing. During a workout and a -- after -- -- the teeny -- size -- with a look for good move muscles -- take it down. -- -- -- That's my -- later. -- -- holiday gift certificate down nice control and that is his fat. Everything that you think -- like SM report. You Begin at least sanctity -- it well his beloved yet this is a great -- caveat is you -- -- six. He goes back -- This time he's got muscles. And the more candy in here harder to -- yeah. It's Jack apparently good -- and you know coming here. You should allow applying -- to do when the time to help him when it yet another Lana. -- now get people missing. -- -- it more interestingly enough I definitely my cap. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. Yeah I think yeah. Yeah.

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{"id":14829160,"title":"Halloween 'Boo' Camp ","duration":"5:16","description":"Trainer Nikki Kimbrough demonstrates how to work off those Halloween calories.","url":"/Health/video/halloween-boo-camp-14829160","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}