The Eliminate Project

Saving Babies Lives Worldwide.
6:11 | 12/16/11

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Transcript for The Eliminate Project
There -- few events more joyful. The -- new baby is welcome digital world. Forty countries and drink and -- Turns that -- into tragedy. Tell us is this ancient history itself even referred to in the old testament is the seventh -- dinner. Cruelly and swiftly Stephen's children from parents and mothers from their families -- all in the first week to an infant's life. -- is caused when tetanus spores found in soil everywhere come into contact with -- cards during child. Yes exactly it's. And suffer excruciating convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch them. The disease strikes the worst of the ward geographically hard to reach and those without access to health care. Maternal and neonatal tetanus or -- -- Kills nearly 100000. Newborns and mothers each year. As a mother I can imagine having. A -- For three days four days. And having -- dying. More tragic. Still do not have to happen. A life saving an affordable vaccine. Prevents seventy has existed for decades it's unacceptable. To -- diseases have disappeared from the digital industrialised world to us. Welcome in developing countries when we have a solution. Miss independent was forced to refugee camp outside Wanda Angola when civil war broke out around her village. It was there that she gave birth to a son -- domain books. After her baby was delivered his umbilical cord was infected and the deadly M&T symptoms began. In 1000 miles away another -- -- anxiously while doctors trying to save her son. Emotions life the baby's mother and -- -- -- never got her vaccination. Because she lived. The most difficult to reach region in Ethiopia. I did it unintentionally yeah. Education. Outreach and mass immunization drive so yeah. Even in rural -- remote areas UNICEF organized and transported back seasons by any means necessary. Even by horseback in order to reach every woman of childbearing. And the mothers do their part walking miles to get the vaccines that will save their future babies' lives. UNICEF also trains traditional midwives and safe birthing practices and distribute safe -- -- to prevent. And then -- from claiming more lives. Inroads against -- But the disease still kills one baby every nine minutes. It's a 160. Families every day. Can suffer the loss of never seeing their child's -- play learn and smile. This disease has now met its match kiwanis international and US. Performed a powerful partnership deal limiting project to -- and M&T. Kiwanis international's commitment vision in reach. Combined with UNICEF's expertise and experience. I was sure combination to reach these collected -- -- facts. And stop this devastating killer. Program. He -- that this picture being hit three big big -- he's very so that you like Meehan it. And your baby but not indicted for them and it has started and it's so easy to prevent. We have the ultimate weapon against this killer disease. As safe and effective -- -- one tetanus immunization cost of sixties. Now we need just one last push to -- -- from the face of the year. And save these babies and mothers were senselessly died. It's possible to eliminate this disease worldwide and in the forty countries that are currently still facing this problem there will be thousands and thousands of children who will be allowed to live UNICEF and -- on -- -- one major commonality. Serving children and kiwanis UNICEF partnership is exactly the far reaching strategic initiative that would save these paintings -- moments and end this tragic waste of human. I really truly believe that this eliminate project will save. Thousands of lives -- when they project will change the course of history. 129. Million mothers in their -- -- still at risk and forty countries around the but with the eliminate -- -- these lines can answer. I'm really proud to be part of this project I've seen the tangible results and lowered -- seeing -- -- walked out of the clinics are really happy that they're doing -- for. -- children so for me to be a part of this. It's a real opportunity I'm really excited to be. No family should ever have to suffer the anguish of watching the child -- mother die from tetanus. When kiwanis and UNICEF joined forces to eliminate and then -- from the face of the year. One day soon known for him.

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{"id":15175568,"title":"The Eliminate Project","duration":"6:11","description":"Saving Babies Lives Worldwide.","url":"/Health/video/health-global-babies-children-save-eliminate-project-15175568","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}