The Healthy Gift Guide

Lamar Graham shares top gift ideas.
3:00 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for The Healthy Gift Guide
With just days until Christmas many of us are trying to find a perfect holiday gift for everyone on our list but what you can -- something that was not only thoughtful but also helped. With someone's health and well being will be editors and every -- -- have compiled a list of top ten gifts and gadgets that can help do just that and joining us now with these. Really cool gift ideas is -- Graham editor in chief of every day helped -- -- Being with us today thanks for having -- a -- just put together this list. Well every day about a million people come to every day -- dot com for tips on how to lose weight eat right reduce their stress -- boost their brain power and so. We really wanted to creating gift guide it was fine affordable simple and yet there was also -- real help benefit -- -- the criteria were really simple. The two things one is would I want to get this for Christmas myself ready to. Is there real help -- when you think about healthy gets you thinking you know jump -- exercised. Its put her I had blood pressure monitoring -- version of getting -- ethic and don't want -- stuff -- -- looking at these different here this obviously something very different Celeste are here. -- this is very club and -- in this -- this entire. Right will we you know if you're trying to lose weight one of the best things you can do is -- track your calories in calories out -- this really gives the calories out this is the Motorola. Moto active -- athletic performance tracker is -- GPS based. Athletic performance tracker OK you plug in your personal data. It is the you know how fast you're running how far the time it takes and calories burned and you can upload that to the web site. Annual tractor performance track -- -- but the really cool thing is. It's also an MP3 player in -- plot your favorite songs. Against your performance so it knows what songs you -- -- best to OK and then we see the finish line in -- you. Keep your power to noon and really keep you have an extra -- -- you have got seven which cannot be overstated -- -- right you keep getting a repeat button. On that MP3 player to try to keep -- exactly that's -- Wi-Fi. GPS -- mp3 player what's the price plan that's actually the most expensive -- the whole lot that's about 250 dollar which is actually not that much on the line when you look at just a GPS watch -- exactly and offered. OK so -- that -- you've also got. A mood enhancing yoga -- exactly downward facing dog needs some inspiration exactly -- -- especially -- -- go buy yourself one listen to music is chance when -- tie yourself into pretzel you're gonna tie yourself up in your head and respect that but not with but not with this you know give Maggie you can plug your favorite MP3 player into it. -- -- listen to your -- isn't it also comes with downloadable playlist of yoga music and instructional. -- podcast bare ankle and right in front here you wanna relax take the stress out of your life lodge has -- these are called bath bombs in the idea here is that did help benefit is that. Taking a hot bath actually it has a lot of benefits in reducing stress and that also helping to sleep you know. Hot bath raise your body temperature united cool down. And you get drowsy in these bath bombs are like giant Alka-Seltzer -- chucked him in the bathtub. They -- up and release all kinds of essential oils that separates the also get the benefits of -- that health benefits of reducing stress for the ladies in our lives right now this from -- fox we have -- them from the from the female editors -- every -- -- thought this was the single best product that they that they ever saw must have absolutely. And this is a -- -- beauty products and brilliance of his this'll make you hero because you give this the woman in your life goes on line fills out a a profile. This you have dry skin sensitive skin oily skin is or -- curly straight sector and that every month birch box since. A simpler. High end beauty products that are matched her personal -- profile I think it was kind of like the beer of the month club for women -- -- -- and different price points on this EI live three month subscription thirty bucks a year 110 bucks and you can bid increments of between building family unity reducing -- -- time all around together. Glee exactly premium exactly. Will it in addition drew is family time together which is really important the holiday guy who suffer from like seasonal affective disorder -- -- -- sort of you know did depression around the holidays. There's also a lot of evidence that doing brain teasing activities will. Help stave off dementia particularly in older folks. And then Cranium is are very popular game sort of mash up of things like dictionary. Charades Trivial Pursuit that you can do with the whole family. And in this. That's what this gives kids the brain going to get some good activity known as well RL on the same lines as -- -- to you can learn how to be NATO be -- to I don't know I don't know this immaculate Roxy but yeah you can probably got -- playing piano during the exactly but the idea here is that video like this like the board games that learning musical activity can also help stave off depression. And stave -- help with memory loss and in its stave off dementia. And this is the -- piano British you plug in your iPad your -- your iPod -- and you can watch the lessons as you go along play along learn to play the -- very Coleman for the chefs are likely -- OC cutting board -- -- -- this -- this -- this was my favorite there's a lot of studies that show if you if you see it you'll -- I don't want when you go to refrigerator in the middle and I you don't want it to be full of junk -- you wanna be -- Sliced chopped veggies and this thing. It's really is for the OC DU meters only -- -- right in right for -- got the split this is split decision pie pan bottom line here portion control you don't have to eat the whole -- you have to make the whole -- You can make half a pot or. If you can make two different kinds of privacy you have a diabetic in your life. Diabetic friendly desert on one side and regular for everybody and very quickly -- closure on the -- -- the bottles. -- wine. One has a lot of heart benefits. Reducing cholesterol. Staving off stroke. And this is from a company called tasting group they -- -- 6500 milliliter bottles of wine. You -- you taste them and then including gift certificate they considered often get their favorite to health benefits as well and in front there another great -- dark chocolate is also great for your heart greater reducing your risk its risk of stroke and these are. Called Coco pops hot chocolate on a sticky heat up some milk in the microwave dropping in the cup stir in its second you've got the -- -- of -- the benefits of dark chocolate and milk as well. Yes -- are very call Lamar grant thank you so much great ideas here happy holidays to you thanks a lot.

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