Healthy Holidays

Dr. Jamie Koufman share tips on how to have an acid reflux free holiday.
5:53 | 11/17/11

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Transcript for Healthy Holidays
Thanksgiving is all about family friends and of course food but for those suffering from acid reflux that Turkey -- spread could lead to hours of discomfort. So here with her advice on how to manage acid reflux during the holidays is doctor Amy Kaufman. -- biologist and author of dropping -- -- -- -- diet cookbook and Huard after Kaufman's faked having hair and -- felt a little bit about acid reflux what is it exactly and how the different from heartburn. Acid reflux now is probably the single most common term but the problem is partly that there fifteen different terms. In in and and and -- to language to girder Castro suffered your reflux disease when your furniture reflects. For heartburn is just one of the manifestations. Of acid reflux and so it's a symptom and -- -- I think it. And what are you -- What -- -- when you have -- as well most people have seen on television somebody clutching their chest after having had a big greasy Amy Heller or fire burning on their little you know some other kind of ad like that. In their familiar. But people also can have silent reflection and almost as many people have sound reflexes have typically books and what it silently thought that people have. -- -- The sensation of a lump in the throat trouble swallowing and most importantly crime -- you hear these people coughing clearing their throats all day many of them have -- And they don't know what's -- and sometimes the doctors don't know what's reflects because it's not obviously don't have the heart -- right and. Suffers from this as it always following a big meal. -- it turns out now it's an epidemic 22% of the American population have typical heartburn -- reports another 18% -- Have been honor the silent reflux. And on the turns out that it's it's it's really were ubiquitous we're seeing it now. All age groups have 37% of its -- thirty year olds to wow yeah into the seem to be on the rise during March on the rise it's increased 4% a year since the seventh and how do you fight that. Personally. I think it's important to point out also that cancer of the esophagus is also increased. Turns out that in on 1973. The Food and Drug Administration decided to use -- As the -- that way we kill bacteria in foods and beverages that's actually for -- for preservative. To all the food additives they are the one -- had the least discussion. Is ascent. But almost all of our foods have the same acidity in the Hispanic cast of those things are -- You see the connection -- absolutely. Talk about -- -- back to -- Thanksgiving dinner and talk about the foods that we can enjoy a that we may be have to look at that in some moderation and those that we should avoid altogether let's start with. What we can go -- and -- our hearts delight -- church. It turns out as one of the very very best sources of protein -- of all poultry and Fisher sort of most important protein -- has -- on vegetarians. To Turkey is fine. Great is another matter it's generally high fat. We liked the idea of using -- is -- Lewis won't using very small amounts it's acceptable. But if -- pouring -- all of your -- it's probably not so good the other rabies in moderation. And potatoes -- vegetables and again depends upon how they're prepared. Vegetables that are made with large amounts of she's -- sour cream probably not so good. -- pumpkin pie and small amounts is good. Breads and things like cornbread are all wonderful delicious cooking Houston but with the Turkey the juices are okay as long as you do about it if -- using the fat than you probably -- help. There are two reasons why people have reflux -- terms of it's three overeating. Too much fat and too much asked that -- wannabe moderate on most -- OK coming idea between. Hamas people having Thanksgiving -- that feast until -- ready to Pontiac. You've got reflect is probably not that I. Try to avoid that area and it got me but I -- what something that you would stay away from and higher. Carbonated beverages. I think it's if you -- -- -- with -- -- now. And many of those things that are popular drinks ales certify -- evened things like you know the fruit drinks. And we Jews and and -- -- averages -- mostly are certified for. -- -- -- brought -- the -- of beverages let's talk about alcohol how does that help or hurt our athletic if you drank. More than a glass of wine and more than not one glance and later -- -- the -- more -- -- -- reflux that night. So you know he -- timing of your meal. But a glass of wine is fine and a glass of -- is fine -- if you're if you're tipsy a little bit. And going to sleep -- -- buzz on after dignity and reflects that night. So keep the -- from earlier in the evening -- not have that glass of wine. At bedtime the site you need it at the beginning hey -- Alabama fact that there has the authority really need it now let's just say. Despite your best intentions UN a little too far with the Thanksgiving dinner and you got it now deal with the aftermath what's your advice. First things stay away from NASA's next they don't wake up and have a big glass of Orange juice or or -- -- or some other -- -- drank. Things like run on milk if -- on your memory problems with scary. -- -- -- Grains things that are close to the earth. It's in the over the counter medications that are now available quite good. Coupled -- while he candles wonderful and not always count on -- ginger seems to be specific. And then actually has a good food for the reflux right and what papaya I've heard good things -- a -- -- a little -- -- -- at some may be one. But that may be all right doctor Kauffman thank you so much all that great advice. Thank you.

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{"id":14976564,"title":"Healthy Holidays","duration":"5:53","description":"Dr. Jamie Koufman share tips on how to have an acid reflux free holiday.","url":"/Health/video/healthy-holidays-14976564","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}