Healthy Snacks

Shira Bocar demonstrates recipes that keep hunger at bay.
4:56 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for Healthy Snacks
If you're having trouble keeping those new years resolutions because you're missing your midday snack. We have some solutions for you share of the -- deputy food editor of whole living magazine is here to give it looks. -- -- -- Yes and -- I think it's probably my favorite activity in that day but I really count on fees and -- -- my mini meals just get me through plunged to dinners and afterward everything. And -- -- you really great easy homemade snack ideas from our action plan. -- it and -- healthy food at the moment it exceeded its via -- poster child for death sentence. You know you don't like Kelly please it's hard to use Collard greens any sort of start leafy Green. And I think the great thing about celtics' is that your satisfying your salty crunchy craving -- getting serving that's. So the first thing we're gonna do is remove -- -- But I really simple and you do it with me that -- if you hold. This -- -- like this upside down in the -- here -- the end he just started. Tara and even tonight. -- -- -- Continued its parent -- it's you probably about two inch pieces and to just want to make sure that they're evenly torrents that eight. So what we have here is one -- -- camp you'll see how big the cities. -- later. Pushing down credit that and we're gonna make it 200 degrees for about fifteen minutes an astonishing -- that crunchy and delicious I have two tablespoons of olive oil here. And have a tablespoon of lemon juice just -- a little bit obtained. -- -- -- -- -- The sesame eighties quarter cup sesame seed and business development the sesame seeds add texture as well as you know -- And it's not really well. Now if you witness does not -- this continent on both Trace and to -- them down just slightly and -- keep acting skills festival chips. It's not over Hackett. So you'll see here this is about. As much as you -- have -- yesterday apparently. And minutes but many haven't this is -- 200 degree and and we'll just let them halfway. -- -- for about fifteen minutes until their parents. Now we can enjoy it. Facts. This is -- -- in the they're really beautiful it's fast and I think Holler when you're -- about lower temperature. Mean this is better then back. Into it. This is updates with pistachios and -- and a so we've dealt with -- Celtic music and now ridiculous -- -- evening so what I did with it had just have to cut. A self deceptions and sessions are so -- get because they offer little bit of protein and dietary fiber tremendous source of -- which helps regulate blood pressure. And I'm gonna make my own stats you case. -- and -- next -- company stock the US. So we just have -- that it dates and -- -- -- and you know dried and naturally sweet so there's no additional sugar that's. Finishing touches just a -- -- -- -- -- -- Beautiful. -- -- I did my best defense. It's really tasty. -- this -- it it occurred to me is -- hero in carriages that this is a lot beta carotene powerhouse. Beta carotene is is angry anti oxidant that. -- this immunity. Tons of vitamin K vitamins CE and adding a cup of fresh -- -- if you have accused -- -- you can make your juice or you can buy excuse. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then -- -- and surprising. Attached. -- at a couple of great freshmen. And it's just a little and little great we'll do. Emerson process. Rates. This is going to be a cup of coffee and -- Brownie an understanding this is as vibrant fraction of -- warrior then of course all of these recipes. Are in people living night to see -- correct the one that's on the newsstands right now and also on -- scene.

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{"id":15533054,"title":"Healthy Snacks","duration":"4:56","description":"Shira Bocar demonstrates recipes that keep hunger at bay.","url":"/Health/video/healthy-snacks-15533054","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}