Holiday Seasonings and Spices

Alanna Stang on the health benefits of common holiday seasonings and spices.
5:03 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for Holiday Seasonings and Spices
Spices are great -- to add flavor to your food but did you know that they can also help with everything from that suggestion to regulating -- blunt there. Our next guest is a lot mustang editor in chief of whole living magazine. And she joins us with some great suggestions for some meaning that entertain your mouth and help your body a lot of thanks so much for being there thanks for having me we spices are healthy we've done that you know we've we've talked about them before but -- always. Importance to. Remember exactly why it -- on the night. And this time of year we cooking so many things that call where things -- and so what we've brought today's election very seasonal. Auction of -- holiday flavors. It also have really made out and they also -- these. Hair line of clothes and is being remembered making those lines. Stepped all over with clothes and hanging them -- house. We'll print that Clinton would. And accidentally rankings of any food which means that -- -- I -- -- -- yeah. I cannot pay its threat definitely be needing them and and and and -- -- you know in in in teens. Or like to -- it was a little club and -- Baking recipes call for so there's lots of easy ways guessing -- recommend -- amendments or -- -- and you can you can -- -- hole in the ground out -- and -- that's his call for different things if you're. If you didn't kind of -- that you when he's been right. And of course things out. Ages -- caimans. Nearly. So think -- -- memory boosting and if you think about scenes. It's a synonym for him for wise and that's because -- -- -- memory it's good for your mental clarity. And stages is something that a lot of stuffing recipes -- I like to -- meets with aids. I do that fried -- where. Sweet -- it is. And it just it just adds a lot of -- related and it didn't matter whether we're using some of pressing needs now or dried -- fresh Phillies bats and he just as -- anything but if you using that that's also. -- -- lots of good properties that -- -- -- time timely we get a lot in died and but you know the facts. Branches -- grade. This is something that I like to check in with. Delicious. As well house. And time is really good for respiratory system if -- somebody -- -- -- -- people -- the time of year. Happier times day and put it in your chicken soups but even if you're not even if you're not sick it's it's a really good preventative. It's fantastic and I love the -- and testing that -- -- having me on your feeling or a little fall and say go ahead and have a candy -- yes could have had a little a little -- Medicare I have I don't think too much but. But minutes is an intestinal -- if you're having any pain. A little bit of name -- releases -- static. And you know it. You think indicated absolutely -- a fresh mid teen. There's also meant supplements you can take it you if you -- all the difference between -- permits and they're all different president there's payment -- government there is. There's a bunch of different varieties and they all have some of these properties but they just have definitely -- Back and he now. And he says the more unusual exotic Wright says this this giant needs. It's related to send and licorice flavors that not just like with -- it's it's also its agents to aid and it's got an anti inflammatory problem. -- property so. You know if yours if you need to relax the got a little -- and help move things through and -- that the way to and a pretty it looks like little or it's beautiful and it's that again when those things to put some -- and -- -- -- -- with -- -- -- You can mix -- with clove. -- -- -- Very aromatic very good for the timing of the ways now than -- and -- -- are often used together earned that right exactly they're both -- -- -- -- -- they both have anti inflammatory properties. Cinnamon is especially good for regulating blood -- there. Studies have shown that even a teaspoon of cinnamon a day can take blood and blood sugar levels -- so. Audiences Franklin honor that threat must say in the morning yes and coffee applesauce. Anyone who's got. Diabetic tendency. -- -- the cinnamon and take. And then not meg also very anti inflammatory. We use it eggnog and its timing yeah -- I didn't go for the eggnog at least seven. Kind of active blue -- not -- under I want to thank you so much for bringing that's very festive grants by thank you think that much for having me.

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{"id":15192445,"title":"Holiday Seasonings and Spices","duration":"5:03","description":"Alanna Stang on the health benefits of common holiday seasonings and spices.","url":"/Health/video/holiday-seasonings-spices-15192445","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}