HPV and Heart Disease

New study suggests a link for women.
4:48 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for HPV and Heart Disease
According to the American Heart Association one in eight women between the ages of 45 and 64 has heart disease. And now a new survey suggests women with HPV may have an increased chance of heart disease even if they have no risk factors. Joining us to explain this family practitioner at author of the blog at -- five dot net. Doctor Karen Latimer -- a lot of our great to see you thanks for being here since about this news -- that's -- alarming findings. Alarming is some -- but I opening another -- possibly could lead to some really great prevention and then give picking up people who leading nowhere at risk before so. In a way I actually think it's good news and its the national health and nutrition survey and they looked at. That's when He 500 women narrow those down to who had HPV and for the narrow down to look at which women in this group had cardiovascular disease. Which they looked at -- heart attack and stroke. -- -- -- sixty women which is a small number but the study was with the younger populations -- not surprising that the numbers of small. Right Olympics and is at 39 of the sixty women with known cardiovascular disease had HP -- Needing only 21 who did and did some things women have none of the other risk factors the -- and they. Controlled for all of that and many of them didn't they looked at all -- that's exactly what happened about 20% of people. Who have. A coronary events and other stroke or heart attack actually have none of the conventional risk factors and talk again what those risk factors are the things that you -- we hear that we have to be careful we need to screen for like hypertension -- for an epidemiologist high cholesterol who -- lack of physical exercise obesity uncontrolled diabetes. Smoking is working right and so will this add fuel to the arguments and that's all girls should now get the HPV vaccine. I think it will and you know I definitely think -- Stefan it's going to be looked at and it's. Good news certainly if this does pan out that we can prevents one of those risk factors very early on so in addition to. Protecting them against cervical cancer which is the risk of having -- BV the known risk rights and protecting them against. Now we can potentially protect them against one of the -- your risk factors for heart disease. That's very good we now know it did -- only look at women in this survey it did OK I -- -- that we're talking. Little bit later about HPV -- and boy days. This just looked at women and -- we don't know I think that the connection there -- -- out. What exactly then did they find the connection He was between HPV and heart disease that was at a gene -- was isolated -- that. A protein believing they've always known got to -- -- into into together what you love and studies do this so -- Had they look so we know there's a protein that is affected by HPV -- 53 in your body and we know that that's one of the thing that causes the cervical cancer so HPV diminishes the amount of 53 in your body. We also know separately from that the 53 the diminishment of it will increase the rate of development atherosclerosis. Which is the plaques that -- up inside your arteries causing cardiovascular disease. So they can be lowers the 53. Increases that atherosclerosis make sense. Amp 53 can also open without a lowering a convicted three can also open the door to other cancers -- Well it mostly due to it's the cervical cancer when we talk about each -- specifically what it what it causes cervical -- -- in -- genital cancers which are different than calling cancer -- colorectal cancers. Some oral cancers but there are links and their links to other cancers that -- right that is that is a very important cancer something that we can do. To strengthen -- To strengthen it would be you know that's it's going to be looked at -- -- finds a way to sort of offset. But the virus is doing anyway probably find a way to increase the activity of the 53 break -- coming down a pipeline it's not something that's. -- happening now but it's this will give more fuel to fund that research lags need to try to develop those things and now we know that a lot of people get the HPV virus and it just leads their body and causes no problem that's. Now -- do these people then also have an increased threats these women and increased risk of heart. No they shouldn't if you take the logic that they don't an increased risk of cervical cancer and it's not in their body anymore it would. Illogical to see that then they wouldn't also have increased risk of cardiovascular disease is usually women under the age of thirty will get. HP -- thought that about 50% of sexually active people have pat added I -- one point in -- life men and women. But be -- when a young union system is stronger and more likely to clear the women who are older over thirty have -- -- Not clear in their body and Steve and you know we always -- -- because -- and at that point over thirty is it worth getting the vaccine. You still can get the vaccine absolutely and now with this new study and possibly those studies that will follow in might be. Inherent in might be a good idea I had my thing doctor Karen my heart thank you so much product -- -- I thank him.

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{"id":14812307,"title":"HPV and Heart Disease","duration":"4:48","description":"New study suggests a link for women.","url":"/Health/video/hpv-heart-disease-14812307","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}