Mental Health Assessment of the Deaf

Doctor says mental health services should have sign language interpreters.
1:59 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for Mental Health Assessment of the Deaf
I think mental health assessment. -- to be important part of the differential diagnosis. When you're working with the -- individual. To make sure that we've addressed all their needs in an and identified. You know all aspects of you know their health. Issues. Certainly deafness can be just one of many. Co morbidity -- morbid. Issues that are going on in the death. Population so -- to populations. Hearing loss you have those who are. Profoundly -- And either because they elect to. Live is deaf individuals. Cannot access technology or because they do not benefit from the technology that might help them here. They that they communicate largely through sign language and they often function within their own community -- -- deaf individuals. And then you've got the population. That are not as severely hearing impaired they do benefit from come from hearing -- technology. Or that you choose to access cochlear implant technology and they do quite well and they function well within the greater speaking. Community at large. They have a lot of language -- that allows some many opportunities. The death. Individual. Who remain staff and -- communication becomes a barrier. Maybe it may be misinterpreted that they have a mental illness as opposed to simply deafness. Being connected with mental health services that those individuals that are working with them half to provide. Appropriate communication modality so if there. If that means of communication -- through American sign language then it would move the metal health. Health worker to. Make sure that -- provided. Sign language interpreter for the purpose of communication.

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{"id":15930910,"title":"Mental Health Assessment of the Deaf","duration":"1:59","description":"Doctor says mental health services should have sign language interpreters.","url":"/Health/video/mental-health-assessment-deaf-15930910","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}