'Miracle' Twins Born 24 Days Apart Head Home

Alexandre and Ronaldo Antunes are home after months in the hospital.
1:32 | 06/28/14

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Transcript for 'Miracle' Twins Born 24 Days Apart Head Home
Very happy. Indeed they aren't even four month old twins -- -- -- Andrei and -- although all tunis are already have quite the story. They even know -- at -- yeah. -- synthetics and her family. Like I -- the fraternal twin boys were born almost a full month apart an incredibly premature. -- Andrei weighed less than two pounds that he was born in early march. Doctors made the decision to delay the birth of his brother -- to increase his chance of survival -- everything good to. -- doctor golden. -- -- you only had a 50% chance of survival and now nine days after their original due date went home. Their parents consider it nothing short of a miracle. -- -- -- -- ET Monday through ignorant -- think we're seeing. There are -- -- such an inspirational story their father Rinaldo was himself inspired. Hours before they were released he proposed to his girlfriend -- -- Mom will you marry -- -- He -- then. -- ahead fitness -- -- good. Her wedding -- mom and dad save their ring no wraps it like to wait for the boys -- The -- -- so they could carry those bring down the aisle. At tufts medical student loan check W -- in recent.

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{"id":24348174,"title":"'Miracle' Twins Born 24 Days Apart Head Home ","duration":"1:32","description":"Alexandre and Ronaldo Antunes are home after months in the hospital.","url":"/Health/video/miracle-twins-born-24-days-head-home-24348174","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}